Best Propane Grill Under $300 in 2022

 If you are looking to purchase the best propane grill under $300 budget, you need to consider some essential features like:

  • size
  • cooking square inches
  • max heat
  • price

In this new day and age, you can get a great propane grill for under $300, although they might not be as large as more expensive options, they are still plenty big enough for a medium-sized family. In this article, every grill will be under $300, if you want to see the best propane grills under $500 click here. 

Keep reading to find the best propane grill under $300. All the grills on this list are high-quality, and offer the best grilling experience available at this price point.

Please note, I wrote this article in the beginning of 2022, and things might have increased in price.

Master Cook Three Burner Grill

Best Overall

The Master Cook three burner grill is an excellent all-around machine. It offers a large grilling surface, good temperature control, and a high-quality build.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Propane gas grill with stainless steel high quality control panel, bringing beautiful silvery metal gloss and more durable than regular panel, easy to clean
  • The propane gas grill’s cart design provides additional room for users to carry all necessary items at one time before cooking
  • The dolly outlook with two large wheels, bringing more off-road ability, easy to move the propane gas grill to anywhere within your patio
  • Four stands proving solid stability while cooking with this lovely gas grill
  • Two foldable table shelves on both side of the propane gas grill
  • An accurate built-in thermometer on the cover of the propane gas grill is especially helpful when using the grill for roasting chicken and turkey, making the family food well-done at all time

What We Like

  • Stainless steel burners
  • 472 square inches of cooking area
  • Side tables fold in to create more space
  • Under $200

What Could Be Improved

  • The material is thin so it might dent

This best propane grill under $300 has three stainless steel burners. It can put out 30,000 BTU with its integrated piezoelectric ignition system, and quick start up with the push control knob.

The whole stainless steel control panel with chromium plating control knob makes this propane gas grill study and delicate. A  stainless steel handle and a built-in stainless steel thermometer on the cover lid offer great add-ons. It also includes two foldable tables, and two heavy-duty wheel casters for storage and moving.

The cooking area of our propane gas grill is 471.8 include 339 square inches for cooking and 132.8 square inches for warming. The assembled dimensions are 46.46 L x 20.87 W x 41.14 H inch, and 29.5 inch length (when folding both of the side table of the propane gas grill).

This best propane grill under $300 is perfect compliments any outdoor space like backyard, garden, courtyard, terrace, and balcony. It’s built for all seasons of outdoor cooking.

Char-Broil Three Burner Grill With Side Stove

Option with side burner

At under $250, this Char-Broil propane grill is perfect for individuals looking for multi-functionality. It has a side burner to make sauces, or steam vegetables while you cook. 

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 24.1″ D x 51.2″ W x 43.5″ H | Weight: 80 lbs
  • 170 square inch porcelain-coated swing-a-way rack for warming | 360 square inches of cooking space over porcelain-coated grates
  • 8,000 BTU side burner provides a secondary cooking space for sides or sauces
  • Three stainless steel in-line burners for cooking performance
  • Porcelain-coated steel lid and firebox stand up to weather and the elements

What We Like

  • Built in side-burner
  • Durable porcelain-coated lid
  • Recognized brand

What Could Be Improved

  • Could have better instructions to put together

The Char-Broil Classic 360 is a 3-burner gas grill that delivers 30,000 BTU’s of heat across the 360 square inch cooking surface, to accommodate large meals the whole family will enjoy. 

This best propane grill under $300 includes an 8,000-BTU side burner, ideal for sauces and sides. This is ideal to warm sauces as your meats cook.

The cooking surface measures 26-inches wide by 14-inches deep, and features porcelain-coated grates, which help prevent food from sticking and are easy to clean. On the inside, three stainless steel in-line burners are durable and deliver strong cooking performance. 

It features a Piezo ignition system for fast and reliable startups with the push of a button, and two metal side shelves for increased storage and prep space. 

The Char-Broil best propane grill under $300 sits on two 6-inch wheels for easy portability, and two fixed legs to keep it in place. Measures 51.2-inches wide x 24.1-inches deep x 43.5-inches high.

Dual Fuel Propane and Charcoal Grill

Best dual option

Dual option grills offer the user to choose between traditional charcoal, or propane. This allows you to get that charcoal flavor with the convenience of a propane grill for under $300.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Gas side has 3 stainless steel tube burners offering a total of 24,000 BTUs
  • Includes integrated ignition for all burners with rubber grip control knobs
  • 188 sq in total warming rack space (89 charcoal, 99 gas) / 2 wheels for mobility
  • 557 sq in total cooking space (262 charcoal, 295 gas) / Model# GBC1793W / Cast iron cooking grids
  • Painted steel control panel with stainless steel trim / LP tank not included

What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Ok grilling size
  • Can use gas or charcoal 
  • Looks sharp

What Could Be Improved

  • Takes a very long time to assemble

Are you a grilling aficionado that appreciates the taste that some say can only be achieved cooking over charcoal, or do you prefer the convenience and flavors of grilling with gas? With this best propane grill under $300, you don’t have to choose. 

The combination charcoal/propane grill offers you both with lots of space to grill how you want, when you want, to achieve the results you want. This spacious grill has a total of 557 square inches of cooking space that can accommodate 32 burgers (16 per side) at once and an additional 188 square inches of warming space. 

The cast iron cooking grids and chrome-plated warming racks with 3 stainless steel tube burners offering a total of 24,000 BTUs. It also includes stainless steel 12,000-BTU side burner with cover.

The best propane grill under $300 has front access door to maintain charcoal, a removable ashtray for cleanup, and black baked enamel lids with stainless steel trim. 

Royal Gourmet Tabletop Grill

Best portable option

The Royal Gourmet propane grill offers nearly 280 square inches in total cooking space. Its tabletop design allows for it to be used on an outdoor patio, or for tailgating. At under $150, this grill is perfect for those on a budget.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • This grill only weighs 20lb., light and compact enough to take anywhere
  • Quick deployment thanks to the folding support legs
  • Exclusive stainless steel finish for increased style and durability
  • Stainless steel flame tamer
  • Piezo ignition system offers quick start-up with a simple push
  • Connect the grill to a 1lb. propane tank

What We Like

  • Portable
  • Only 20lbs.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish and high-quality
  • Great for tailgating

What Could Be Improved

  • Small and needs a surface to rest on

This durable best propane grill under $300 steel generates 10,000 BTU. It achieves fast and even heat distribution for perfect grilling or remarkable searing. High output is sufficient for daily use in the cookout.

Folding support legs and latching hood with compact handle make it easy to carry or store to decks, patios, camping, tailgating and more. Easy assembly with only a few steps.

Total of 280 square inches cooking area, including 206 sq. in. stainless steel cooking grates and 75 sq. in. chrome-coated warming rack.

The lid-mounted temperature gauge helps monitor the fluctuation in real time for slow-grilling or searing mark.

The tabletop best propane grill under $300 offers a large stainless steel grease tray and easy cleanup after grilling. It can be removed to dump the residues during the grilling.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best propane grill under $300


The benefits and features that are provided by the gas grills are growing more advanced every year. Make sure to think about the features you require before purchasing.

The better the grills, the more features, benefits, bells, and whistles the grill should come with. Features like warming racks, hanging shelves, and temperature gauges are come with most of the best propane grills under $300 on our list.

Cooking area

Before purchasing a gas grill, the cooking area is the first feature to evaluate. There are numerous best propane grills under $300 that are built cooking surfaces large enough to feed a full family.

If you want to cook enough for a whole party, you will need a large surface area with over 400 square inches of cooking space. For small families and couples, a small grill with only 200 square inches of the cooking area are plenty.

The burner

If the price is about $300, the gas grill can have more up to three burners and one side burner. The number of burners determines how hot the grill gets and how fast.

If you are looking to grill for a large party, you’ll want a grill with numerous burners.

The cooking power

To know the best propane grill under $300, you should consider the BTU under every gas grill model description. This directly correlates to how powerful the grill is.

The downside to having lots of BTU means you will need a large propane tank. For smaller gas grills with less BTUs, a small propane tank can be used, making the grill ore portable.

Parts of the best propane grill under $300

Grease tray or drip tray

The grease tray of a gas grill collects the drippings or grease of all the food you are grilling. This keeps your area clean and stops from staining under the grill. It also keeps you safe by keeping grease out of the flame.

Grease trays typically have a life span of a few years before they get greasy and rust over. After this time, you will need to buy a replacement tray.

Side burner

A side burner is a gas-powered cooking surface that is anchored to the side of most of the best propane grills under $300. The size is smaller than the primary cooking grate, and used similarly as you would use a stove.

This allows you to cook multiple things while you are grilling instead of having to run back inside the house and use the stove. It has its own temperature control and doesn’t get as hot as the main grill.

Heat plates

The best propane grills under $300 use a heat plate to evenly disperse the heat created by your grill.

They are in between the flames at the bottom of a grill and the food on top. Because of this, they take some of the greatest damage when it comes to grease.

Heat plates need to be replaced every few years.


When examining the best propane grill under $300, burners are an important part. They allow the propane to get from the tank into the grill, and are the source of the fire.

They use tiny pinholes along a rod or other shape to distribute the gas evenly for a nice, clean cooking temperature. If you want to extend your burners’ life, it’s significant to clean them after use.

Burners of the best propane grills come in infrared or blue flame. Infrared is a burner that uses propane or natural gas, but achieves high temperatures from a ceramic plate on the top of the burner.

Cooking grates

Cooking grates sit above the heat plates of a grill and are where your food sits while cooking. The size of the cooking grate directly affects how much you can grill at a time.

Make sure to clean cooking grates after each use.


Igniters will start your best propane grill under $300. It provides the spark to light the propane as it comes out of the burners.

If the igniter stops working on your grill, it could be something as simple as a dead battery, or it might be faulty wiring. Replace the battery first to avoid unnecessary spending.

Control knob

Use the control know to adjust the temperature and size of the flame in your grill. As the name suggests, the control knob controls the amount of propane released by the burners.

Warming rack

The warming rack on your best propane grill under $300 is usually attached to the lid and is suspended over the cooking grates. You can use the warming rack to heat up buns, vegetables, or anything else you might want.