Best Propane Grill Under $500 in 2022

 When looking to purchase the best propane grill under $500 budget, you need to consider some essential features—details like the size of the cooking space, temperature control, and construction.

Although these grills might not be as big as propane grills over $500, they are plenty big enough for a family, and offer an excellent cooking atmosphere. For the purpose of this article, the propane grills listed are below are between $300 and $500. To see the best propane grills under $300 click here.

Keep reading to find the best propane grill under $500 that helps you cook a perfectly seared, delicious steak, burgers, ribs, or anything else perfectly.

Please note, I wrote this article in the beginning of 2022, and things might have increased in price.

Weber 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill


Weber has long been considered the best grill on the market. This two-burner propane grill offers superior grilling atmosphere with a quality that will last a lifetime.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Grill dimensions with lid open – 57″H x 48″W x 26″D
  • Grill dimensions with lid closed – 44.5″H x 48″W x 27″D 
  • Each cooking grate is 10.16” x 17.5″, for a combined measurement of approximately 20.32″ x 17.5″
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, porcelain-enameled lid
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Fold-down left side table
  • Open cart design
  • Stainless steel heat deflector
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app

What We Like

  • Two burner grills fit in small spaces
  • Weber is the best quality on the market
  • Easy to clean
  • Very even cook

What Could Be Improved

  • It’s pricey for only two burners

The Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 has a two stainless steel burner design. The total cooking power the grill can provide is 26,500 BTU-per-hour. It’s the best propane grill under $500 based on quality.

By using the Electronic Crossover ignition system, you can easily ignite the grill to start cooking. You can cook fifteen to twenty burgers at a time with this gas grill that boasts a 360 square inch cooking space.

You can also do the prep on its 90 square inch warming rack. The total cooking area would be 450 square inches for the best grilling experience you can enjoy with your friends and family.

This best propane grill under $500 features porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, a thermometer, side tables made from stainless steel, and easy to read fuel gauge. These features prove that quality and performance make it worth the price tag.

If there are juices that do not vaporize, it will go into the grease management system, an angled grease tray, and a catch pan. You can easily clean up the catch pan and the grease tray.

Cuisinart Four-Burner Gas Grill

Best budget option

If you are looking for an option coming in at just over $300, this is the best choice. It is a full size four burner propane grill, offering a very large grilling space for the price.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Four 11,000 BTU burners provide a total of 44,000 BTU cooking power
  • Equipped with 443 square inches of cooking space, and an additional 167 square inch warming rack
  • Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates are great for retaining heat
  • Two 18″ x 13″ side tables provide ample space for food prep
  • Stainless Steel lid and control panel
  • The grill utilizes a drip tray to collect grease and drippings

What We Like

  • Best price point on the list
  • Designed to feed up to six people
  • It gets very hot

What Could Be Improved

  • It cooks a little unevenly

The Cuisinart Four-Burner Gas Grill is made for those who take grilling seriously. The generous cast iron cooking grate retains heat longer and radiates it more evenly than a wire grate. It is the best propane grill under $500 for those on a budget.

It has 443 square inches of cooking space and a warming rack with an additional 167 square inches, for a total of 610 square inches of cooking space.

The four stainless steel burners of the Cuisinart Four-Burner Gas Grill give you maximum control over the heat. You can keep the temperature in one area warm and another area sizzling hot. 

Cook delicate foods like shrimp and fish to perfection, or move meats that are fully cooked from the hot side of the grill to the warm side, so they can rest.

The best propane grill under $500 needs to be able to weather the elements without rusting, that’s why the Cuisinart Four-Burner Gas Grill utilizes stainless steel. The cover, fascia, control knobs, and burners use stainless steel also, so they won’t rust, and the steel cart uses an enamel paint that makes it easy to maintain.

Blackstone 36" Outdoor Flat Top Grill

Best flat top option

For people in the market for something different from a traditional propane grill, this flat top option is a great choice. Best of all, it comes in at under $400, making it a great grill for most budgets.

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • Restaurant style cook top
  • Built for outdoors
  • Four independently controlled 15, 000 BTU stainless Steel burners make a total of 60, 000 BTUs
  • A high-quality build includes a powder coated Black steel frame, stainless steel burners and thick cold rolled steel cook top
  • 720sq inches of flat top grilling

What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Good grilling space
  • Offers a wider range of cook options than a traditional grill
  • Even cooking temperature

What Could Be Improved

  • Nothing

The Blackstone 36″ griddle is a four-burner flat top grill propane-fueled has 720 square inches of cooking surface. The cooking surface consists of ten gauges rolled carbon steel.

You can start each of the burner grills with ease because each burner has a built-in ignition system. Each burner can provide 15,000 BTUs of cooking power, with a total of 60,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Even as a beginner, every user can adjust the temperatures to cook meat or fish. Users can also get a steady sear on your steak with just turning the dial.

With its four burners, this best propane grill under $500 can cook about fifteen steaks at once or 72 hot dogs. The griddle set utilizes from a powder-coated steel frame with a tray and shelf.

The grill uses propane tanks for fuel, and includes fasteners for secure operation. It comes with caster wheels, so you can move the grill.

The smooth surface of the grill is easier to clean. The grease management system draws grease away while cooking.

Royal Gourmet 6 Burner Grill

Best large option

The Royal Gourmet propane grill offers nearly 800 square inches in total cooking space. With its six burners, it 71,000 BTU in total, making it the most powerful grilll on the list. 

Cooking space
Temperature control

Key Features

  • 602 sq. in. porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and 193 sq. in. porcelain-enameled steel wire warming rack.
  • Six burners and a lidded side burner generate 71,000 BTU output totally.
  • Sear burner has an output of 12,000 BTU for quick grilling.
  • Side burner offering 9,000 BTU is ideal of preparing side dishes or seasonings.
  • Porcelain-enameled flame tamers contribute to even heat.
  • A side table offers more preparation and work space.
  • Electronic ignition system offers quick start-up with a simple push.
  • Removable grease tray and grease cup offer hassle-free cleanup.
  • Four lockable caster wheels allow you to move the grill from place to place.

What We Like

  • Huge cooking area
  • Large warming rack
  • Very hot
  • Can feed a large family or party

What Could Be Improved

  • Hard to put together

This best propane grill under $500 offers a generous cooking area measuring 795 square inches in total, including 602 sq. in. porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, and 193 sq. in. porcelain-enameled steel wire warming rack.

The lidded side burner offers 9,000 BTU of heat, which is excellent for cooking side dishes, soups, or sources. Fold down the lid when not in use to offer more work space and protect the burner as well.

Simply press the electronic igniter button on the stainless steel control panel to easily start up the ignition instantly while turning the control knobs to the highest position.

Built-in thermometer is easy to read and helps monitor the temperature clearly and precisely in real-time to ensure best flavor of the food without opening the lid frequently.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best propane grill under $500


You should pay attention to the benefits and features that are provided by the gas grills. Make sure to compare them by reading carefully the comparison chart provided.


The more expensive the grills, the more features, benefits, bells, and whistles the grill can provide. Features like warming racks, hanging shelves, and temperature gauges should be included for best propane grills under $500.


Cooking area

Before purchasing a gas grill, the cooking area is the first feature to evaluate. There are numerous best propane grills under $500 that are built with large cooking surfaces.


If you want to cook thirty burgers at a time, make sure that the total cooking surface area, which includes side burners and warming racks, is above 700 square inches. For a smaller size of people to serve burgers, 500 square inches of the cooking area would be sufficient for your barbecuing needs.


The burner

If the price is about $500, the gas grill can have more burners included in the cooking surface. The number of burners can determine how many people can be served by the grill.


It would be wise to consider a gas grill that contains three or four burners if you are going to grill for four to several people at one time.


The cooking power

To know the best propane grill under $500, you should consider the BTU under every gas grill model description. This description will provide you information on the amount of power the unit can produce.


It is essential to remember that larger units with frequent cooking need many more BTUs to even heat the entire thing. You will have to consider how the BTUs power provided has something to do with the grill’s size.

Parts of the best propane grill under $500

Grease tray or drip tray

The grease tray of a gas grill is a separate part that catches the drippings or greases the yummy food you cook on the gas grill. It is like placing a little cup or flat melamine plate that captures greases.

The grease tray can be cleaned, emptied, and replaced easily. After two to three years of use, the grease tray may rust and can not be used anymore.

Side burner

A side burner is a gas-powered cooking surface that is anchored to the side of most of the best propane grills under $500. The size is smaller than the primary cooking grate.

You can not use the side burner for cooking large quantities of food. Instead, side burners cook small amounts of food, like side items and sauces.

While the primary cooking grate is cooking, you can cook small foods on the side burner. The side burner has separate flame powers.

This feature can allow you to cook at a different temperature compared to the primary cooking grate. Commonly, the primary cooking grate may reach 500 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your gas grill has a side burner, you can cook separately. Commonly, the control knob is separate. You can raise or lower the temperature without affecting the heat of the primary cooking grate.

Heat plates

The best propane grills under $500 use a heat plate to protect the burners from food drippings and grease. A heat plate, also known as burner shields, gas grill heat plates, heat tents, radiation shields, and heat angles, must-have for today’s grilling.

The heat plates reduce grease buildup in the burner’s bottom when grease drips through the cooking grates. Some models may have one large heat plate or several individual heat plates anchored below the cooking grates above the burners.

In one or two years, heat plates can deteriorate and rust. The heat can be blocked, resulting in uneven heat distribution, grease fires, and flare-ups.

When you are experiencing inconsistent performance from your gas grill, all you have to do is replace the heat plate.


Gas grill burners are the most crucial part of the grill and the cooking system’s central part. They allow propane gas or natural gas to get into one end of the best propane grill under $500.

Commonly, burners include holes at the size of a pin along an edge. This hole is where the gas is getting out.

The location of burners is underneath cooking grids. Burners supply the heat for grilling or cooking.

Burners distribute flames to the cooking surface from tiny pin-holes openings to allow gas to escape. Regardless of the material, burners will deteriorate and need replacing on the best propane grill under $500.

If you want to add years of life to the burners, you must do routine maintenance and take proper care. The size, design, and shapes are endless.

Burners come in infrared or blue flame. Infrared is a burner that uses propane or natural gas but achieves high temperatures from a ceramic plate on the top of the burner.

If you want to set a slice of perfect meat, an infrared gas grill is an ideal option. Infrared gas grills warm up fast, cook in a shorter period, faster searing temperatures, and cool down quickly. They result in less pollution and heat and less total gas usage!

Burners of the best propane grills under $500 use stainless steel or cast iron. These cast iron burners are a great heat conductor.

At the same time, stainless steel burners conduct heat effectively and efficiently. However, cast iron will retain heat much more effectively than brass or stainless steel.

You should clean burners after each use. The cleaning will improve how your grill looks. Grease or food particles can create a genuine fire hazard.

Cleaning helps prevent grease fires or flash fires by cleaning your burners after every use.

Cooking grates

Barbecuing or grilling is a great way to invite people for fun and delicious burgers and meal. Grill grates or cooking grates are the metal grate that holds the meat or food above the fire.

I recommended that the cooking grates are rust-free, dirt-free, and other contaminants. These harmful elements can spoil your food and then your health.

Make sure to clean cooking grates after each use.


Igniters will start your best propane grill under $500. It will begin to provide the power source to the grill.

It is a battery-powered part of the gas grill. If it does not work, the battery might be dead, or the electrodes are damaged. Replace the battery with a new replacement or replace the electrodes.

Control knob

Adjust the gas flow using the control knobs to the burners. You can determine the cooking temperature or the flame height of the gas grill.

Warming rack

You can warm up the cooked food and free up space for more food to be cooked on the best propane grill under $500. Furthermore, you can also warm up buns for burgers.