Best Self Watering Pots For African Violets

Choosing self watering pots for African Violets is an excellent idea if you care about the health of your plants. If you take good care of them, they flower all year, and they look beautiful. You can place them in many types of planters, but in this article I focus on self watering pots, as they offer the best environment.

African Violets or Saintpaulia Ionantha are relatively small houseplants that have clusters of white or purple flowers over blurry leaves. African Violets will flourish and bloom best through medium to bright indirect light. They can be grumpy, so make sure to know how to grow and how to do proper care.

African Violet plants are a great addition to complement the decoration of any home. In order to make sure they go with the rest of your house, it’s important to pick a stylish pot, and one that helps your African violet thrive.

In the following guide, I’ll go over why you should use a self watering pot for African Violets, the best self watering pots, and a few tips and tricks to help your African Violet grow. 

3 Pack of Self Watering Planters

Best Overall

This three pack of self watering plants for African Violets are neutral color, and 6.7 inches large. The pack is affordable, and can hold water for up to two weeks. 

What We Like

  • The color options in the three pack look great anywhere
  • The premium plastic material is durable and lightweight
  • Keeps plant watered for up to two weeks
  • At under $25, this option is stylish, but affordable

What Could Be Improved

  • You have to remove the planter section in order to add water

This 3 pack  of 6.7” self watering pots for African Violets automatically absorbs water using the cotton rope at the end of the planter. It keeps the soil moist, but not too soggy. A perfect environment for plants.

The pots are easy to use, and allow for water to last up to two weeks before it runs out. This means you don’t have to worry if you go on vacation, or have a business trip. 

The premium plastic material is built to last. They look great in the office, kitchen, or anywhere else around the house. In this offer, you receive three beautiful pots for less than $25.

Hypercraft 7" Pot With Water Gauge

Option with water gauge

This seven inch pot includes a built-in water monitor to alert you when water levels are low. Self watering pots are low maintenance, but this pot takes it to another level. It is available in multiple color options and costs under $20

What We Like

  • Multiple color options for any home decor scheme
  • Simple design is classic and elegant
  • The water gauge alerts you to when the plant needs more water
  • Good price point
  • Coated material on the outside of the pot doesn’t fade

What Could Be Improved

  • Does not have an option to buy more than one for a discount

This best self watering pot for African Violets has a real-time water level indicator that tells you exactly when your plant requires water, without the guesswork. The smart pot takes care of your plant for weeks at a time and ensures optimal growth. 

The inner plant liner floats above the water level and draws water in as needed. This avoids root rot and allows air circulation to flow, keeping your plant healthy.

These planters are stylish, and come in multiple vibrant colors. They are shatterproof and UV resistant, so the planters won’t break or fade over time. This pot looks great anywhere in the house, and can accommodate a variety of different plants. 

Clear Three Pack of Self Watering Pots

Best clear option

If you are in the market for clear self watering pots, these are a great option. They are perfect size for African Violets, and offer a great growing environment. At under $15, it is a great option for those on a budget. 

What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Clean clear outside
  • Multiple sizes and styles to choose from
  • Can see the water level from the outside to know if it needs replacing
  • Looks sharp

What Could Be Improved

  • The pots are small

When looking for the best self watering pots for African Violets, this is a great cheap option. The pot uses a national standard PP resin material, and is built to last a long time. 

The design of the pot is suitable for all types of plants, succulents, or herbs. It’s clean and clear look goes great in small corners, on counters, window sills, or bookshelves.

The self watering design is large enough to hold for a few days, up to a week. It is a smaller pot than some others on our list and can only hold .4 inches of water. 

Santino Pot With Water Indicator

Great looking option

Santino built a beautiful and affordable self watering pot for African Violets with this option. The pot comes in multiple different sizes, colors, and quantities. The cheapest option is less than $13.

What We Like

  • Color options
  • Size options
  • Different quantities available
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Water level indicator on the bottom
  • Plastic is lightweight

What Could Be Improved

  • None noted

If plants make you happy, return the favor with the Santino Asti Planter. This planter is a self watering pot for African Violets with a clear built in water level monitor. It allows for you to easily see inside the pot to know when your pot needs to be refilled. 

The Santino plastic pot is lightweight and durable. It is leakproof and perfect for desks, windows, terraces, or on the counter. The large frames allow for water to be held up to four weeks. 

Copper Ceramic Pot For African Violets

Best ceramic option

It is hard to find a ceramic self watering pot for under $25, but this pot is just that. The classic copper color looks great with a variety of plants. 

What We Like

  • Ceramic hold up better than plastic
  • Good price for a ceramic option
  • Classic look
  • Keeps plant insulated

What Could Be Improved

  • Only 3.25 inches deep

Although this self watering pot for African Violets can be used on many types of plants, it was originally designed specifically for the African Violet. Just fill up the ceramic portion of the planter halfway and place the plant inside the shell. Water will soak though into the growing portion of the pot. 

This copper ceramic pot is a classic design and color and looks great. Unlike plastic pots, ceramic pots last a lifetime and can handle areas of high sun. Keep your plant happy with this pot. 

White Ceramic Pot For African Violets

White ceramic option

This white ceramic self watering pot for African Violets is a classic ceramic option. Although it’s more expensive than the plastic options on this list, ceramic pots are known for their beauty and better quality. 

What We Like

  • Ceramic looks beautiful
  • Heavy and durable feel
  • High quality finish

What Could Be Improved

  • Expensive for just one pot

African Violets are beautiful plants, but they are picky with their watering needs. This ceramic self watering pot for African Violets eliminates the guesswork of watering and ensures your plant gets the exact amount of water required. 

It is specifically designed for bottom absorbent plants like African Violets. It has a 2 part design which constantly keeps the roots moist. Furthermore, it is certain to keep your plant flourishing with beautiful blooms. 

By filling the ceramic outer pot half full and inserting the clay pot on top, you can keep your plant watered for up to one week. The beautiful white design looks great anywhere in the house or office.

Why Use Self Watering Pots For African Violets?

Saves water

With droughts and water restrictions becoming more common, it’s important to save water in any way possible. Self watering pots for African Violets lessen water waste that occurs in normal pots by the way of seepage, or evaporation.

Offer a great growing environment 

With most people growing plants inside due to space constraints outside, they need a pot that can adapt and provide their plant with the proper water under changing climates. Self-watering pots provide this adaptability to African Violets.

Keep your plant watered

As mentioned when we talked about the environment, these containers keep your plant watered. The cup under the soil assures your African Violet will receive water when thirsty. 

Cut back on diseases

Self watering pots for African Violets store the water underneath the soil, where the roots are the first thing coming in contact with the water, not the leaves. This prevents mildew and other diseases from attacking your plant. 

Preserves nutrients

When water is added to a normal pot, the access water that escapes carries with it precious nutrients from the soil. With self watering pots for African Violets, they do not lose access water, instead they recycle water, saving those precious nutrients. 

Less weeds

Due to the way the moisture travels from the bottom up in self watering plants, weeds find it harder to grow in this environment. This means less weeds, and more beautiful plants. 


How to Repot an African Violet

After you have pulled out the plant from the current pot, set the plant aside and put the plant into the new self watering pot for African Violets. Make sure the position of the current pot is centered.

Put potting soil around the current pot until the soil is the same level as the height of where the root ball will be. The potting soil should be packed tight enough so that it still in place after you remove the current pot.

When it is done, put the plant and its root ball into the hole you just created. Put your African Violet plant and its new pot into a saucer of water. Allow it to absorb water as needed and let the excess water drain away. 

Potting up

Usually, gardeners used methods of potting up that called mold potting. It is effortless and will minimize any possible shock caused by re-potting.

It means that you re-pot your African Violet to a bigger pot than the current cup.

The first step to take is to choose the best self watering pot for African Violets and good potting soil. Take the new pot and pour the potting soil at the bottom.

If your current pot is 2 inches in height, and your new container is 4 inches in height, then the difference in height is 2 inches. Put 2 inches of potting soil at the bottom of your unique pot.

You have to remember that to re-pot your plant, and you have to re-pot with fresh soil. This practice is critical.

Re-pot two times in one year, or even more. Re-pot when your plant has outgrown its pot.

You will notice this because the roots will be growing out of the root ball.

Potting down

Potting down is needed when an African Violet is too small for its pot. When potting down, you repot the plant to the next smallest self watering pot for African Violets.

Potting down should be done when the soil remains wet or soggy. The soil can still be wet, even though the pot provides proper drainage.

After eliminating excess soil from around the roots, shape the soil and roots until you can squeeze them into smaller new pots.

How to Choose the Right Size Pot

The correct pot size for your African Violet can be determined in two ways. The first way (as described above), if you are potting up, choose the next largest pot size available.

Pots for African Violets are sized one inch apart in increment. If you have a plant that is currently in a 2-inch pot, repot the plant in a 3-inch pot.

The second way, measure the diameter of the outer edge of the plant. The diameter of the outer edge of the leaves will be about three times the diameter of the pot.

If the diameter of your African Violet’s leaves measures 12 inches (ca. 30 centimeters), they should be planted in a 4-inch self watering pot for African Violets.